A Six Month Outlook of SafeHamsters

2 min readAug 26, 2021

Given what we have seen from the SafeHamsters community, growth over the next six months is inevitable. SafeHamsters league, an expanding set of liquidity pairs, and their own wallet should bring SafeHamsters and SEED pricing to record highs. We’ve seen massive growth already and community expansion, now the question is how soon will other investors see what’s coming? It’s a bright and consistent outlook right now, and I have a feeling it won’t stop there.

SafeHamsters have been releasing updates for League every week for quite some time. I believe the latest update was the interface with advancing arena graphics as you level. After this they will be checking off all the parts to the MVP roadmap. These will keep the game well on schedule without missing a moment of excitement in this play to earn system.

Liquidity pairs have a lot to do with exposure. Giving the ability for new investors to use different tokens to farm seed on our HamsterMills farm, this encourages outside investors to check in with their newly paired currency. Having a diverse liquidity pool as well as a diverse holder background helps stabilize the price while adding new influencers to our socials. Given six months, this will be yet another reason our system is thriving.

Looking at our current situation also helps with the bigger picture. A successful NFT launch, easy to use farming system, auto-slippage features for safe token swapping and a constant social media presence keeps the community excited while keeping the team focused on the next big advancement. It’s no wonder we’ve reached the top 10 on OpenSea.

Six months from now we’re looking at a stable x20 for SafeHamsters if this keeps up. Seed might be at a strong x10 though it has already doubled in under a week. New investors have been asking all the right questions, “how can I purchase”, “what’s the farm website address”, “are their any NFTs left?”. This is the the market waking up to the vision the SafeHamsters team has been sharing since the beginning. In six months time, we will see it again. In six months time, I can’t wait to see how far we’ve come.





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