☀🌱 Buy SEED by July 3rd!

After closing the whitelist, you bombarded us with requests to extend sales. We see dozens of dozens of letters in the mail, telegrams and direct. And this is inspiring! 😃 Thank you!

❗ Therefore, we decided to give you the opportunity to purchase SEED tokens until 07/03/2021 11:00 pm UTC.

ℹ How to purchase:

. 1. Send BUSD directly to your BSC Bep 20 wallet


. 2. Fill out the form below ⬇️


. 3. Wait for the receipt of tokens

1 SEED = 50 BUSD

Minimum purchase amount: 100 BUSD

Maximum purchase amount: 1000 BUSD

Lock period = 1 month

Have time! This is the very, very last chance.

There will definitely be no other chance.



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