First Initial NFT Offering (INO) Launchpad on HamstersMill.

3 min readFeb 5, 2022

Since the beginning of time, marketing has come down to two factors: location and charisma. Having the product in an easily accessible location is one of the best ways to ensure those who want it get it.

This is exactly where SafeHamsters has looked for the next step in the project.

With wNFT storage, they can ensure a sort of packaged product able to distribute gifts, prizes, and special items inside of an NFT. This is the latest web3.0 advancement that many projects are just starting to explore and once again SafeHamsters is ahead of the curve, taking on this fresh technology.

SafeHamsters has been notorious for selling out on NFT drops, setting record times in many of the past events, leading to global recognition from Dubai, to Africa, to the United States. It seems like a perfect market position to be well prepared for a bull run and have your wallets loaded for the next big release.

What we have recently seen is a surge in posting for this first ever INO (initial NFT offering). This, like NFTs before it, will be exclusively available on the SafeHamsters own HamstersMill launchpad.

With the newly described wNFT, the team is looking to place prizes inside the wNFT to allow users to access data hidden within it. This is very much like an envelope or a present with another present inside. Not only will you get allocations but also a special gift from anywhere in the project metaverse. This is the latest experience of web3.0 technology and once again SafeHamsters is at the forefront showing the community what can be done.

This means your best bet to be ready for a wNFT is:

Just as before, you have opportunities for massive resale gains, collecting rare releases that can help you within the SafeHamsters metaverse, and all around community participation. It’s likely their way of thanking the community for sticking with them through the crypto winter and making it through to another exciting bull run.

We are ready for another great step and can’t wait to hear more from the newly hyped discord news section! Drop by and subscribe to the channel for notifications ahead of the market, before a single post even goes out! This is where you will first hear about how exactly to get into the first INO launchpad. Get ready for this web3.0 adventure and let SafeHamsters show you the way!

Stay safe, hamsters!

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