Get ready for the first hamster!

Join the ranks of the first explorers of the “Fun&Rich” MVP-platform SafeHamsters Planet this fall.

💰 Adventure waiting for you, generous rewards for completed tasks and. ferocious MVP battles.

💸 Making money in the blockchain world has never been so interesting.

The release will take place in September 2021.

Don’t miss the main event in the world of SafeHamsters!

The sale of 🌱 SEED, the gaming token, is already open today. Register now to upgrade your character faster and earn more:

🌱 SEED token allows you to:

  • Purchase NFT cards to increase the speed of farming;
  • - Buy NFT combat bonuses for a character;
  • - Increase the levels of NFT cards;

And most important — you can not only spend, but also EARN SEED for winning battles and completing various quests!

Hamsters let’s all Go to the Twitter and repost it



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