Hamstersmill Finance whitepaper

1) Swap/NFT/Staking/Farming platform is one of the products of SafeHamsters Planet ecosystem names HamstersMill with its native token SEED, which the second basic token in our first global “Fun&Rich” blockchain ecosystem.

Platform that combines all the best solutions from DeFi market in finance and uses for:

swap ( buy/sell) any token from BSC

staking SafeHamsters

farming SEED token

creating NFTs

2) Use cases of token SEED:

boost farming with burning algorithm

creating your unique Hamster Hero in NFT for battles in NFT Arena (soon…)

upgrade your NFT Hamster Hero to growth skills ( soon…)

governance in votes on platform ( soon…)

3) Unique features of token:

boosting farm with NFT burning algorithm ( burning of SEED give you opportunity to create NFT with different % of boost )

create upgradable NFTs for gaming Hamsters Heroes

liquidity pairs with SEED gives you opportunity to have the smallest fees for swap any coins in BSC

4) SEED Tokenomics:

Total issue 2,500,000,000 SEED

Market Launch – 100,000 SEED

General presale – 100,000 SEED:

. Private Sale 50,000 SEED

. Token price $ 25

. Per one person from $ 10,000 to $ 125,000

. LockUp 10 months

. Unlock 10 months / 10% every month

Public Sale 50,000 SEED /

. Token price $ 50

. Per one person from $ 100 to. $ 1000

. LockUp 1 month

Once SEED tokens are released to the market, you can:

. 1) Buy at market price.

. 2) Farm in pairs:

. SafeHamsters / BNB

. SafeHamsters / BUSD

. SafeHamsters / USDT



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