HamstersMill Marketplace updates, features, and developments!

Recently SafeHamsters NFTs have been selling out faster and faster. We’ve added our total volume to the marketplace to help track cashflow. We have celebrations set for 1K SEED, 10K SEED, and 100K SEED as the numbers keep climbing away. Pay attention to the new 24 hour volume tracker as well, showcasing cashflow over a much shorter term. Our socials will keep you up to date on this as well, with any major records showcased where everyone can see.

The most interesting update to the HamstersMill page is the newest Auction feature. Just like major platforms, SafeHamsters community now has an exclusive area to allow bidding. You first set up an initial listing, then the rate at which the listing has to be increased. You can sell at a price you find exceptional or at the 30 day highest bid. This gives you an exclusive platform right here in the SafeHamsters community to buy and sell your very own SafeHamsters NFTs. Since this may be a new topic we’ve also included some basic tooltips to get you started, and as always feel free to reach out if you need help with something! Similar to other wallet systems, you will need to deposit and withdraw from the HamstersMill (including the negligible BSC fee), keeping the entire transaction safe and accounted for.

There is a separate section for NFT, Lootbox, and My Collection. NFT will function like a shop, allowing you to list and showcase your sale on a page with others. Lootboxes will hold new NFT releases where you can purchase new releases with SEED just as before as many of you are already familiar with. You can check on your personal collection in the “My Collection” section where anything you own will be listed.

We hope the additional tabs and organizational tools help make this page easier for everyone and allow for a healthy foundation on which to build our marketplace. Thank you for your input and support as we constantly our looking to our community for their ideas and take your concerns to heart when building new features and tools. Our last feature on this page is the most important and most commonly understood, the Wallet. This is where you will track your SEED supply after connecting, pretty strait forward.

We will continue pushing forward with new features, cleaning up the interface, and making a fast and easy platform for you to share your latest SafeHamsters NFTs! Remember in order to use seed you’ll want to farm it through HamstersMill Farming and in the long term this will be the exclusive way to earn it for yourself. There are multiple APR options available so all investors can feel secure when earning SEED for in-game purchases. Check out some of our past articles for more details on the Farming system and let us know if there’s anything that would help improve the SafeHamsters family. Thanks again and please follow our socials for more direct updates, news, and releases!

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