In-Game NFTs and SafeHamsters Marketplace

2 min readSep 10, 2021

The first ever in-game NFT boxes are here, SEPTEMBER 15TH!!!

SafeHamsters will be launching 300 hamster heroes on their very own marketplace. This will utilize SEED tokens giving them a direct use case as well as exclusivity to SEED holders. These NFTs will be limited and difficult to obtain giving them superior value above prior assets which have already seen offers 200% above listing prices. This will be a monumental release and something all investors should mark on their calendars.

Not only is this a major release, but also the grand opening of the SafeHamsters NFT marketplace! It is still in early stages and will have many developments to come, but this is a great opportunity to reveal a SEED-only item and provide a healthy use case to an already thriving token. Feel free to give us feedback in our telegram or discord linked below!

Utilizing the SEED token has been a long term goal of the SafeHamsters team. Once a purchase is made the tokens will be burned providing liquidity distribution to the SEED holders. This keeps the price healthy while generating value through scarcity. Keeping the purchase exclusive will ensure SafeHamsters profitability while funneling in new investors. (If you don’t already have SEED you can check out our HamstersMill farm to get started!)

Prior SafeHamsters NFTs have been reported 2 to 3 times market value and are expected to climb well beyond this as it is the first SafeHamsters League comparable NFT. You will have a chance at an extremely rare “unique” class of hero said to be the bravest of all heroes! Follow our socials for updates as we track the release and price information as we learn more!

Take a moment to bookmark the SafeHamsters Marketplace and be ready for September 15th with a bag full of seed! Remember this will be a SEED exclusive though you are free to resell after purchasing. This will be the biggest opportunity yet and will set the pace for many future updates!

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