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Who is this? You are asking in the chat. Let’s get to know everyone!

Big red strong HAND from big hard strong FARMER. — HALLHAM!


“FIGHT!” — SubZeroHam

“It’s Not About What You Deserve; It’s About What You Believe.
You believe in SAFEHAMSTERS — SAFEHAMSTERS believe in you!” — WonderHam.

“Everything lost is meant to be found. Find me on HAMSTERSMILL” — Lara HamCroft.

“Raymondo! Take a seat… I’ll tell you the story about SafeHamsters World!” — FletcherHam.

“Fletcher, take off your shoes. Don’t walk around the HamstersMill in shoes.” — RaymondHam.

“Mickey, it’s just a business… Everyone wants to buy SAFEHAMSTERS NFT” — Matthew Hamberger.

-“I am ready to offer you that amount of money for your NFT, Mickey!”

-“A couple of zeros are still missing, Dry Eye…”

There is only one rule in the jungle! When Hamster is hungry — he is eating!” — Michael HamPirson.

“I’ve lost my patience to wait for the future NFT sale!” — RosalindHam.

“Make it quick. Make it funny. New release is coming soon.” — The CoachHam

-“That’s EGGS BENNYHAM, cause I never get caught.”

-“Call me GHOSTHAM, cause you will never see me when I come here.”

-“My name is ErnieHam, my left is too fast and right is steady!”


-“Hey, Coach. We have cut so many NFT!”

“I’ve been working on HAMSTERSMILL for half a year…” — Bobster.

“Say adios to your MEME coins. Real DeFi game is here.” — Jody DomrHam

“So you finally decided I’m telling the truth about being the sheriff of HAMSTERSMILL, huh?” — Chris Manster

“Got room for one more NFT Hamster?” — MarquisHam

“I’m a hunter for NFT. Do you know what the reward will be for this one, ha?” — John RoutHam

“According to the BSC, it’s a free SAFEHAMSTERS WORLD.” — General StanHamster.

“What do I got to say? About John Ruth’s ravings? He’s absolutely right. Me and one of them fellas is in cahoots and we’re just waiting for everybody wake up. That’s when we going to went on HAMSTERSMILL” — DaisyHam.

“Precautions must be taken because this NFT sale is too sweet to lose. SEED is necessary.” — Peter Hickokster.

“It’s a deep breath before the plunge in SAFEHAMSTERS WORLD” — PeregrinHam.


“What a place! My lovely HamstersMill!’ — Samster

“No! You don’t understand! We’re Hamsters! Halflings! Shire-folk!” — MeriadocHam.

“Going on an adventure! Follow me to a HAMSTERSMILL.” — BilboHam.

“MY PRECIOUS NFT!!” — Golumster.


“Well, here’s one Hamster she won’t ensnare so easily. I have the eyes of a hawk and the ears of a fox.” — GimliHam.

“The World Is Changed… Hamsters came!” — GaladrielHam.

“You want him, come and claim him on HAMSTERSMILL” — ArvenHam

“The HAMSTERSMILL calls us home!” — Elrondster.



“A new power in GameFi is rising!” — SaurHam.



“I know your face…” — TeodonHam

“An event as pivotal as this one should be amply equipped to penetrate the fog of time elapsed!” — HalHamster.

“I know how to steal your attention!”- KonstantHam

“Oh, wow! What’s a gold!” — Penelopa Ham

“Share the money with 8 friends!” — Daphne KlugerHam

“You know…I’m in!” — LuHam

“I can truly estimate your NFT… Just give it to me!” — Rose WeilHam

“Girls! I know what we gonna do!” — Debbie OceanHam

“I can hack your heart and your system!’ — AmitaHam

“What is your real name?… Eight Ball.” — Nine BallHam

“I am the Hamster racoon!”

- I ask one time: Where is Gamora?

- I’ll give you one better: Who is Gamora?

- I’ll give you one better: WHY IS GAMORA?


“We’re just like Kevin Bacon!” — GamoraHam

“Don’t Call Us Plucky…” — Star HamLord

“What? You Didn’t See That Coming?” — Hameye.


“SAFEHAMSTERS FOREVER!!!” — Black Hamster.

“Then let’s hear it for your one and only… friendly neighborhood Spidy-Hamster-Man!!”

“You can get up after any blow!” — HamWolverine

“When you understand the nature of a thing…you know what it’s capable of.” — HamBlade

“This CryptoWorld deserves a better class of play-to-earn, and I’m gonna give it to them!” — HamJoker.

“Hold on, Sugar! Daddy has got a sweet tooth tonight!” — The HamMask.


“He is the one!” — NeoHam.

“You take the blue pill — the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.

You take the red pill — you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Remember: all I’m offering is the truth. Nothing more.”


“Jasmine, I Do Love You, But I’ve Got To Stop Pretending To Be Something I’m Not. I’m in the SafeHamsters team.” — AlladinHam.

“When I’m way up here it’s crystal clear that now I’m in a whole new world with you.” — JasmineHam.

“This is the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Hamster” — Captain Jack the Hamster


“Do you Have a light?” — CruellaHam

“This CryptoIndustry needs me in that mask, Foggy.” — DaredevilHam.

“Hey. Don’t ever let somebody tell you… You can’t do something. Not even me. All right? You got a dream… You gotta protect it. People can’t do somethin’ themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it. If you want somethin’, go get it.” — Chris Hamner

“Wanna see the real magic?” — ArcherHam

Saddie — She loves the color purple so much that every item in her house is colored this way. She has lavish tastes and loves gossip and social events.

Fredrick — He is a strong willed individual who enjoys talking about the good times when hamsters had to work hard for a living. He keeps to himself most of the time, but also enjoys chatting on long summer days.

Alex — As a vegetarian, Alex has a garden full of lettuce! Why dress up in something fancy when you can crack open a head of lettuce and make use of what you have?

Ralph — An old school hamster who loves pasta and Italian food. One of the few hamsters who likes garlic, and the smell alone keeps most everyone away.

Orion — The citrus bad boy Orion wakes up early, ready for battle. He is wired and energetic even for a hamster and looks to take the top spot on the SafeHamsters League leaderboard some day.

Riley — A bit shorter than the others, Riley can scrap with the best of them and isn’t afraid to lose if it means learning a valuable lesson. Many know to steer clear of this one!

Ruby — An exciting addition to any party, Ruby sometimes doesn’t know when to be quiet. This gets them into trouble and situations that could have easily been avoided.

Tim — Husband of Jenna, Tim is strong willed and as fast as can be. He was a gold medal track and field expert until he broke his toe climbing a tree. Still, he can probably outrun most other hamsters!

Jenna — Wife to Tim, She is beautiful and fast. They met during a track meet back in high school and have run alongside one another in many marathons over the years. She is one of the few who can keep up!

Courtney — Spoiled and eccentric, Courtney is fun-loving and adventurous, even for a hamster. She loves a good dare and often gets other hamsters in trouble. Keep your eye on this one!

Kaley — Courtney’s mother and friend of Jasmine, Kaley keeps everyone in line and looks out for the safety of her friends and family. Sometimes you need a well-grounded individual to keep you safe!

Jack — Brother of Courtney and son of Kaley, Jack is also rather mischievous. Though sometimes a bad influence, Jack will always look out for his friends at the end of the day. He is a social butterfly and a strong fighter.

Adam — A performer by nature, he has a jack-of-all-trades personality.

Tracy — Fierce, fun, and excited by combat. She is ready for a night on the town and if you get her riled up she might just teach you a lesson or two in combat.

Kiwiham — Another vegan option. Grow your own armor!

Pinhample — Comical until you try to punch him. His spiked armor always gives him the last laugh!

Hamion — When he steps into the ring, everyone cries, always.

Hamcumber — Fight like you’re on vacation!

BreadHam — Love to fight all morning during the family breakfast!

BroccoliHam — The most healthy Hamster!

Sparrow — This crafty thrill-seeker is ready to take your money and run. He does his best to avoid fighting at all costs and will find clever ways to escape and trap his opponents before getting physical.

Gabriel — A friend to all and a nerd at heart. Gabriel likes video games, anime movies, and the simple life. He had his eyes on Rachel since they were in high school.

Rachel — A fiesty gal, she intends to marry Gabriel but loves a man who bends over backwards for her. She is sweet and caring, but not afraid to say something when she doesn’t get her way.

Peter — A hometown trouble maker, Peter likes country music and off-road racing. On the weekends, you can find him around a campfire or hanging out with his close pals.

Paul — Cheerful and dopey, Paul will always do his best to brighten your day. He is not for everyone, but those who can stand his dad jokes have a friend for life.

Pip — Another upbeat and fun loving hamster. Pip is lively and good with music. He aims to start his own music school some day, with the help of a few others.




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