Playing to earn — The world of GameFi and SafeHamsters League

Since the dawn of time gamers have been searching the world for play to earn games. The idea of turning your hard work and grinding into profit has started trade websites and micro economies across gaming platforms worldwide. People have always payed for customizability but never had the chance to turn that cost into something greater in standard game models. Another aspect of gaming that play to win offered was the ability to collect digital assets and be the soul owner of your character. These things together have led gamers to search the world over for play to earn systems to turn gameplay into a profitable pastime.

Games take up hours and hours of time and all too often that time goes nowhere when it comes to profits. Wouldn’t it be nice to know your hard earned experience, items, and characters are storing up value as you play? Gaming on a play to earn system does exactly that, offering value building features that turn your character grind into a yield-farming playable experience. Play to earn games solve this problem and have already begun gaining popularity across the world of gamers.

Another aspect drawing attention to the play to earn space is value building. Many games offer customization and unique character creation but without a value attached to it. You may pay for special looks or items but the value is lost. Play to earn systems hold the value and keep the worth that you initially pay for on your character. This makes for a much friendlier gaming model as players don’t have to feel like they are losing out but rather investing in a specialized character that can store the value they have put in.

Lastly when you invest in a digital asset in a play to earn system you have ownership of that collectible. Like a rare vase or work of art you can keep this as long as you like and use it in any way that you desire. This allows for custom use cases such as framing and display in real life digital frames or even in game asset libraries. You can store value in your NFT and give it as a gift or look back on it years later as it always remains in your ownership. This gives a specialized personal feel that only play to earn systems are able to deliver.

One of the best new play to earn games can be found in the SafeHamsters ecosystem. With PVP content set for release near mid September, the community has been buzzing with excitement as gameplay draws near! To make initial purchases you simply place your SafeHamsters or desired pairing token into the HamstersMill farm and use this to gather SEED tokens. This SEED tokens allow for in game purchases where you can deck out your hero in customized and creative items. As your character grows and gathers new items, its value may be traded on the NFT marketplace. You can keep your NFT character and items as long as you like, upgrade, or even trade them with friends. The best part is that it holds value and allows for gameplay in this play to earn environment. Come check out our game and see for yourself, there’s nothing quite like the rush of earning money in a game you love!



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