SafeHamsters team with a major announcement!

2 min readJul 19, 2021


With so little time and so many great things happening around the project, its hard to miss the fact that the team behind SafeHamsters have some outstanding results to show, not just that they delivered the swap and farming for a short period, but they just announced that they are moving forwards to SafeHamsters 2.0 anti-shaving university.

What it will do?
SafeHamsters anti-shaving university is the educational part of the SafeHamsters system. Now it is presented in a separate section on our social networks, where we talk about the basics of the DeFi economy and SafeHamsters in simple language.

Knowledge is power!
In the future, SafeHamsters anti-shaving university will turn into a full-fledged knowledge base that will allow anyone to understand cryptocurrency, blockchain, exchange operations from scratch and provide an easy start to our project.

University materials will be created bright, simple with playful elements in accordance with our core concept “Fun & Rich”

The community is growing on a day-to-day basis, and the team is making sure that it’s not just fun to be there but also rewarding! Every day there are giveaways with different prices, the team is making them so they can thank the community for their support and love for the project!

💹Top 1 trend within a week on DEXTOOLS!
💹They are the FIRST meme coin on 📜⁉️BLOOMBERG after shiba and doge!
💹Transparent team!
💹 High liquidity

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