The World of NFTs and SafeHamsters!

2 min readAug 20, 2021

NFTs have rapidly grown in popularity with a few main contenders rising to the top. OpenSea is one of the first names that comes to mind for most people. Another major player in the NFT marketplace is Rarible, providing basic legitimacy checks for sellers to verify their work. SafeHamsters, while releasing their first set of themed NFTs, is working on being a top 3 contender in this new market space. With the major growth they have seen this month, now might be the best time to look into these up and coming Binance gems.

OpenSea may be the largest NFT marketplace with pieces selling for over 10,000 Ethereum! Since 2017 this marketplace has made headlines and seems to be the center of discussion for most NFT enthusiasts. They sell a variety of collectables, gaming items, and virtual goods backed by the blockchain. This notoriety is why the first set of SafeHamsters NFTs have been chosen for release here.

The second place where you will be able to find SafeHamsters newest Farm Hero NFTs is Rarible. It has the same function at the end of the day but operates though a different set of features and functionality. One of the terms seen recently to describe this marketplace is a decentralized autonomous organization or DAO. The important takeaway is the ability for artists to collect royalty from trades and makes Rarible a solid option for anyone looking to secure a stable and fair market price over their work.

For now SafeHamsters is content bringing new and exciting NFTs thought these popular platforms. When they are ready they will be looking at combining some of the best assets and features the marketplace has to offer. Just like their latest staking farm, they are constantly innovating and looking for ways to improve the user experience. With plans for themed NFT releases and major attention on their in game currency, SEED, we will definitely hear more of about this as future NFT packs are minted.

The SafeHamsters community is warm and welcoming. We urge you to drop by not only to check out the brand new NFT pack but also our HamstersMill farm and newly crafted discord servers! We hope you get a chance to pick up the themed NFT you love most, and drop by our telegram if you’d like to take a guess at their secret abilities. Stay safe out there hamsters and we will see you on the farm!

August 21, 11am UTC: First ever SafeHamsters themed hero NFT release!!! Bookmark these pages, they will be going live tomorrow!!! These will be the classics you can hold on to for years to come as this project grows, each with a unique investing ability to help you on the HamstersMill farm!!!

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