ULTIMATE GUIDE: How to buy unique SafeHamsters avatars in NFT Alley

6 min readSep 3, 2021

We have Important news for everyone who is going to buy avatars!

On September 4, a collection of SafeHamsters avatars will be released at the NFT-Alley. The release will take place in partnership with HECO, so it will be possible to purchase NFT only with Huobi Token (HT).

We have prepared a detailed guide on how to do this without errors and unexpected losses.

There will be three sections in total:

  • Connecting MetaMask to Huobi ECO Chain
  • Buying HT on Huobi.com
  • Connecting MetaMask to NFT Alley

Please read these instructions carefully!

We recommend that you complete all the steps BEFORE the release in order to safely buy the avatar you like, without worrying about someone else taking it away.

Connecting MetaMask to Huobi ECO Chain

MetaMask wallet is best suited for buying on NFT Alley.

The first step is to connect to the HECO network. If this is not done, then the tokens may be lost, not displayed or displayed incorrectly in the BSC or ETH system.

Step 1: Go to the settings page

Step 2: Create new network

Then let’s save it. After adding the network, you can start working in the Huobi ecosystem.

How to buy Huobi Token (HT) on Huobi.com

In order to purchase HT, you will need to register on the website:


Or download Android / IOS app via the link:


Step 1: Register on Huobi using a phone number or email address. Fill in the fields and confirm the registration.

Step 2: After registration, go to the Huobi currency wallet (Balances — — → Exchange Account)

Step 3: Click the Deposit button to deposit the funds necessary for the purchase of HT.

Step 4: In the deposit page:

  • Select deposited token. Please note that only USDT, BTC or ETH are suitable for buying HT.
  • Choose the ERC20 network if you store USDT on your wallet in the Ethereum network, or choose TRC20, if you replenish the balance from Binance or other exchanges that support withdrawal to TRC20 in order to reduce your transfer commission.
    In this example, we will make a transaction in the ERC20 network.

Step 5: Copy the address for depositing funds (or use a QR code)

Step 6: Transfer funds to the specified address from your wallet (or any system where you store your cryptocurrency) and wait for the funds to be displayed on the balance.

Step 7: Go to the Markets section (the left part of the upper panel) and look for the desired pair. HT/USDT, HT/ETH or HT/BTC. Click on it.

Step 8: The exchange window opens. To make an exchange quickly, you should place a market order and enter the amount of currency to exchange. Then click the BUY HT button.

Step 9: Return to the wallet (Balance -> Exchange Account). Now you have HT!!!

Step 10: Now you need to transfer the purchased HT to your MetaMask. Click on the “Withdraw” button to start.

Step 11: When withdraw window will open, you should:

- Choose HT coin;

- Insert the address of your MetaMask wallet (Make sure that you have connected the HECO network in it, otherwise the tokens may not reach!)

- Select the HECO network.

- Specify the amount of HT to transfer.

When all the fields are filled in correctly, click the Withdraw button. Then confirm the transfer and confirm it again with an e-mail or phone number.

Hint: Click the “Receive” button in MetaMask to find out the address of your wallet.

Step 12: Done! HT is available now on your MetaMask wallet!

Connecting MetaMask wallet to NFT Alley

The most difficult part is already over. Now you need only to connect the wallet to NFT Alley and get ready for an exciting shopping experience.

Step 1: go to the MetaMask wallet and open the browser.

Step 2: Go to:


And you’ll get directly to the SafeHamsters page with minted NFT avatars.
Then open the menu (three bars in the upper right corner)

Step 3: In the drop-down menu, select the HECO network instead of BSC (move the switch to the green HECO icon).

Then click the Connect wallet button

Step 4: Connect your MetaMask or another wallet via WalletConnet to the system.

Confirm connection.

Step 5: After connecting the wallet, the system will offer you to register. Enter the user name and click the Sign Up button.

After that, the system will offer to upload an avatar and fill in a few more fields, but it is no longer necessary to do this if you don’t want is.

Step 6: Check the wallet balance display to make sure everything is working correctly. Open the menu in the upper-right corner and click on the button with the address. if everything was done correctly, then you will see your HT balance

That is all. Your HT wallet is connected to the system and ready for use.
At the time of release, you can quickly buy the avatar you like and start using it in the game or social medias.

Its cost will be $ 99, at the current exchange rate it is 6.51 HT.

Now you are completely ready for September 4 NFT Release!




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