Who are the SafeHamsters?

2 min readOct 26, 2021

To answer this question, we are an international group of crypto enthusiasts, analysts, and entrepreneurs with a grand background in the crypto world from 2016 and a deep understanding of how the market and the world of Defi work, which have come together to create a unique system in which everyday individuals can learn, earn, play and immerse themselves correctly inside of the crypto world.

With the knowledge we share, we have set out goals for our team and this project. Our team holds a strong vision to create a system in which we act as an introduction for new investors to learn how to understand and properly navigate crypto. We seek to create a fun, exciting and memorable experience, which is exactly why we’ve branched into GameFi. We have discussed various outlets, PC and console gaming, and ultimately have chosen a mobile platform for the following key reasons:

1. Simplicity

We want something that everyone is able to navigate naturally.

Features with easy-to-find buttons and user friendly menus.

2. Global Adoption

Over 6.3 billion people own a smartphone, which gives nearly 80% of the world access to SafeHamsters League; the mobile game that our team has been developing. This means that 4 out of 5 people worldwide can now have access to a simple game that will in turn introduce them to what we, and many of you, believe is the future of currency.

And lastly,

3. Immersion

We have designed our game to work with augmented reality. Meaning you can project it using your phone and see the game anywhere you go. This is a massive step in technology, and yet very undervalued. The framework has laid out the groundwork for designers, engineers and endless other fields, which may one day move towards the ultimate experience of immersion — virtual reality.

At SafeHamsters, we aim to provide a safe space for investors, entrepreneurs, and dreamers of all kinds to have a first look at the future. Learn how to invest, experience technology, and do it in a fun way that you can share with your friends and family.

Following these goals, we are excited to announce that we also have some upcoming events that are sure to spark interest amongst our ever-growing community.

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